Sognefjord Akvarium

City: Balestrand
Country: Norway
Province: Sogn & Fjordane 

Opend 1982


Species 100


Sognefjord Aquarium is an aquarium set up in 1982 in Balestrand. Here are 100 different species of fish and sea creatures found in the Sognefjord in aquariums of various sizes both inside and out. Sognefjord Aquarium has an indoor area that covers 700 m2. Here you can find 24 different aquariums. The water in the tanks is unfiltered seawater. Adjacent to the aquarium is a cinema that shows life in the Sognefjord. There is also the Munken gallery – 50 wooden carved pictures that illustrate the history of Balestrand. Forums at the aquarium are used in winter as an important element in school camp activities by Borlaug school camp in Balestrand. Included in the ticket are also loans of rowing boat for an hour if you want to go fishing in the fjord.

Vis stort kort
Last visit 2015

Sognefjord Akvarium
Lærargata 9
N - 6899 Balestrand

Phone nr 57 69 13 03

Open minimum May-15th September 9am-7pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 70 NOK
  • Child 35 NOK



 Kids will love the touch pool. One hour rental of a rowboat is included in the price

At the bar where we payed we turn left and enter the doors where we are having 4 small tanks on the right side with shell fish. At the Atlantic wolffish we turn left to se 5 aquariums. Here we find the octopus and some more shell fish. Passing the wolffish again  and a tank we follow another tank  with fish  that wander, like the trout. Then walking a while we meet fish frome the pelagic zone. On the right are 4 aquaria  showing the different habitats of the fjord. Behind the pelagic zone tank is a tank showing fish living on the sea bottom. Then on the right side are 6 small tanks showing life from the shore, like the tadpole fish and rocklings. Then you can enter the pier, with a model of Sognefjord and out door pools. Going to the exit near the bear we then at last have a touch pool.

DE: Diese kleine Aquarium zeigt the Fauna des Sognefjord, man trift ua Seequappen und den Seewolf. In einem Ruderboot zu rudern innerhaln einer Stunde ist inkludiert

DK: Dette lille akvarie viser Sognefjords fauna, undervejs møder man bla. ålekvabben og havkatten. At sejle 1 time i en robåd er inkluderet i prisen
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