Chisinau Zoo

City: Chisinau (also known as Kishinev)

Country: Moldova

Province: Chisinau


Opend 09.05.1978


Species 100



Here you can see such interesting animals as Przewalski horse, Banteng, tigers, the Turkmen kulan, European beaver, leopard and zebra, lynx, lion, bear and monkeys. In the zoo there are many species of birds, including the step eagle, black vulture, mandarin duck and the barnacle goose .


Surrounded by lush greenery spread out a large pond, which has become home to a variety of Waterfowl: geese, ducks, mute swans. On the banks of a pond, paying no attention to visitors, you finde long-legged storks and herons. You can always see a lot of children near the camels, llamas and peacocks. The landscape of the zoo is extraordinarily beautiful in all seasons. Of course, feeding animals in the zoo is prohibited, but under the supervision of zoo staff  you sometimes can feed curious bactrian camels that or throw cookies to the Markhor.

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Last visted: 2018

Parcul Zoologic
bd.Dacia, 50/7


Phone nr.: 22-763733

Open minimum 9am-5pm


  • Adult 30,- MDL
  • Child 5,- MDL
Map Chisinau Zoo 2010 Map 2018
After paying the entrance fee we are going down the stairs. To the left we have a riding school. Back to the stairs we are going down som other stairs to look at some water fowl, next to the we find donkeys. Up some stairs again we see camels, the are followed by some other ungulates like the Siberian ibex and the East Caucasian tur. Across children will love the large play ground. An a bit later a large lake with water fowl. Passing the bridge and turning right we have several aviaries for birds of prey. Going back to the bridge on the right we have severa species of parots. uphil we then see a large enclosure for zebras, followed by smaller cages for small carnivores as well as the pecari. Opposite we follow the cages and encloseres for birds of prey, wolves, ostriches and cows. Back at the pecari  we the left have some old cages, home to brown bears.They are followed by the monkey house and a parrot house. Lets the climbe the stairs to aviaries for peacocks and birds of prey- Back down we then follow a row of newer carnivore cages for the bigger cats to the stairs leadingup to the exit.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt seltenheiten wie den Sibirischen Steinbock, den Ostkaukasischen Steinbock und Bengalische Tiger

DK: Denne lille have viser sjældenheder som den sibiriske stenbuk, den østkaukasisk tur og den bengalske tiger
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