Zoo Bojnice



City: Bojnice
Country: Slovakia
Region: Trencin
Opend 1955


Species 360


This is by far slovakias biggest zoo by species and the only place in the country where you meet elephants, the towns other big atraction known by everyone, is the Bojnice Castle rebuilt 1888-1909, though the first castle mentioned here was in 1113. The park it self is full of trees and the padocks for the ungulates (except the elephants) are big, only the carnivores have small cages.

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Bojnice Zoo was established by Council resolution KNV in Nitra at the 28th december 1954. Following in the footsteps of many zoos in the Czech Republic and in the world and was opened January 1955 as the first zoo in Slovakia, tough for the public  first in april 1955. The very creation of the zoo is very closely linked with the then existing Nitra Regional Museum in Bojnice, its director Florian Hodálom and based on the fact that in 1943 the inhabitants of the moat around a castle was a boar "Miso" - a gift from the forester Kľačno  to the then management of forestry in Bojnice. Later it company by the deer  "palo".

This fact later the workers at the Nitra Regional Museum Bojnice have established , when the premises to create a living zoological Castle Area as part of a science department of the museum. The response of visitors was great, and thus lacked only a step to originate the idea of ​​self as the first zoo in Slovakia. Passionate about the idea of ​​Professor Florian Hoda found support for the National Committee in Nitra, and this ended finally first January 1955 and lead to the creation of a zoo in Bojnice, Nitra.

Twentyth-January 1955 was published in the daily work of a notice of invitation to the overlapping function of head of the zoo Nitra in Bojnice. Signed to three candidates, one was from 1 March 1955 appointed as Director Ing. Gustav Cmarko. John overlapping the other party was offered a pool of Animal Breeding place. He and this offer from 1 adopted in May 1955. Besides these two were from 14 May 1955 the first workers in the gardens Bojnice Julia Lajošová as an accountant, Stephen Hanzel as technical manager, John miners as a nurse animal welfare as Gustav animal handler and John Beres as a night watchman.

In the early years of the zoo came to Bojnice help from many companies, businesses, cooperatives, research institutions, schools. For example, workers in Trnava Kovosmaltu nadpláne made for zoo fencing to corral the animal, Prievidza state property to ensure regular supplies of vegetables to the Zoo, the Zoological Institute College of Forestry and Wood Technology in Zvolen Bojnice went from a young wild boar, the Šafárikova donated to Bojnice wild cat. Close cooperation was established with the Agricultural University in Nitra, Helminthological Institute SAS, Košice.

Throughout history ZOO Bojnice varied as its founders. From KNV in Nitra passed the founding role of the MRD - Department of Culture in Prievidza, later the Ministry of Culture and, finally, from 1 1st 1998, Ministry of Environment. In the field of education played a big role opening up and zooškoly. It happened twenty-first November 1979 on the occasion of the International Year of the Child. Today it will be replaced each year thousands of participants in various educational events.

An important figure in the development and ZOO Bojnice ever in its history, Professor John Kaluza. As already mentioned was one of the parties to the overlapping function of head of the zoo in Bojnice, Nitra, and eventually became the Animal Breeding. To the zoo he started at secondary school and a professor at the School of Education in Trnava. Finally, he became an important figure in the history ZOO Bojnice. Traces of his work is found in every area of ​​activity garden. Was enforceable principles to the species of animals kept true: "... that there do not want to entrust the only chance, but we must have and its destination. Our main aim will be to our CSL. fauna, which is quite rich, interesting, yet relatively little is known.. " Also pointed out that "... makes us worry Slovak professional terminology that is not yet settled." Slovak universities urged to ".. give us the specific content of cooperation with them, or even individual scientific work at the zoo.". And in addition to its function Animal Breeding, zoology later played a major role in training workers and the general public zoo, the zoo and promotion activities in other sections.

13th January 1960 came to a letter from Bojnice ZOO ZOO Bratislava, which called for "leasing" Professor pool, to assist in establishing Bratislava Zoo. This is actually his work in Bojnice and ended. The experience acquired in Bojnice ZOO recovered in Bratislava and in the literary and publishing activities. At the outset of the Zoo was also established Regional Advisory Board of the zoo in Bojnice. At its first meeting on 29 November 1955 address the members of the church change the name of the zoo in Nitra Bojnice ZOO in Bojnice, adopted the proposal as a sign of the zoo, which was a silhouette of the castle as the background and foreground deer as one of the typical species of our fauna. Public interest in the garden was great. Once in the first year of the garden was visited by 45,000 visitors it.

In 1956 it was already 110,000 visitors in 1957, has 141,886 visitors. And year after year, traffic has grown. The biggest so far was achieved in 1986 to 520,729 visitors. Regarding the highest monthly visits and it was reached in July 1977, when the garden gates passed 185887th The millionth visitor came into the garden in 1961, päťmiliónty in 1973, desaťmiliónty in 1984, pätnásťmiliónty in 1995 and Jubilee osemnásťmilióntym visitors was 26 August 2002 primary school pupils Malonecpalská Prievidza Peter gudgeon.


Last visited 2011


Zoo Bojnice
Zámok a okolie 6
97201 Bojnice




Phone number 046 540 29 75
Fax number 046 540 32 41

E-mail zoobojnice@zoobojnice.sk


Opened minimum 8 am - 3 pm


Entrance fee

  • Adult 8,- Euro
  • Child 4,- Euro

Annual card (The card is valid for the calendar year in which it was issued.)

  • Adult 30 €
  • Child 30 €

For kids there is a petting area and several playgrounds

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After have been paying the entrance we head right and se the great lake with pelicans and ducks on it, right next to it is a small tropical house with Cotton-topped tamarins. Now going up the stairs we have on both sides the Brown Bears. On the top turn right through the gateway to the Vivarium. Here are you finde a big collection reptiles and fishes. Returning to the stairs we look at Stellars Sea Eagle, right next to it is the Carnivores House with Leopards and Lions. Following the road we meet different parrots and to the left we have Orang Utans, the only Apes of the Zoo. Turning 180 percent we are now looking at the Autralian Fauna like the Emu and some Kangaroos. Behinde the we have the Elephanthouse with a sad small enclosure for som african elephants. Now following the main route we look at some Pheasants and afterwards the Lynx and the Wolf. At the roadcross you can go straight to look at some wild goats. Back to the roadcross we turn right and look at different hoofed animals. First we have the sika, the Black Buck and other asian antilopes and deers. The the horses are comming, the zoo has Kiangs, different kinds of Zebras and Przewalskihorses. In this area you also have Bactrian Camels and Wild Goats. Then its time to look at african antilopes like the Bongo and the Greater Kudu. Afterwards we arrive at the Red Ibis and then turn right passing the Orang Utan. Following the road on the right we look at the Mandarin Duck and other ducks just before you arive at the exit and can look at the castle


DE: Dieser Zoo zeigt die gröste artenvielfalt in der ganzen Slowakei. Man findet die einzigen Elefanten der Republik hier, aber auch andere hoch interessante Paarhufer und Unpaarhuer, wie die Turkmenische Schraubeniege und Bongos


DK: Dette er Slovakiets største zoo rent artmæssigt og viser de landest eneste elefanter, ellers møder man især hovdyr som turkmenske skruehornsgeder og bongoantioloper

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