Kolmården Tropicarium



City: Kolmården
Country: Sweden
Province: Östergötland
Opened 1972

Species 250

The tropicarium is Sweden largest aquarium (and zoo). On the other streetside you finde Kolmårdens Djurpark, Swedens National Zoo with animals like the Gorilla and Dolphin.

The Tropicarium was build in 1972 and was sold to todays owners in 1990. In 1972 Stig Gustavson bought the old grocerystore in front of the Djurpark and turned it in to Kolmårdens Terrarium, wich showed especially snakes and birds. 1990 then Kalle and Stefan Farkasdi bought that Trerrarium and renamet it in to tropicarium, where you go frome the desert to the deep ocean, with a 132.000 gallon sharktank.

My last visit 2020


Tropicarium A/B
S - 61893 Kolmården




Phonenumber 011/395250
Fax-number: 011/395269
E-mail: info@tropicarium.se


Open at least 10 am - 4 pm, closed december 24th



  • Adult 149,- SEK
  • Child 99,- SEK

Seasoncard (valid for 12 months)

  • Adult 495,,- SEK
  • Child 295,- SEK

There's no combined ticket fore the Tropicarium and the Djurpark. 


Fore kids and adults there is a touchtank with rays  

Map 2011 Map 2015 Map 2020

After having payed the entrancefee we go to the left and meet the section for iguanas and tamarins, like the pygmy marmoset. Afterwards you look at the section fore amphibians and insects, like the axolotl. In the african savannah-section you meet leopard tortoises and the mungo. Next is the Alligatorlake, where you meet the mississippi-alligator. Across you have the South American rainforest exhibit with marmosets and birds. Then we have reached the snake-department with animals like the cobra and the retle-snake. Slowly going down in to the water we meet the freshwater fish's, like the electric eel and the piranha. Across there are the mongroves with fish's like the Mudskipper. Going in to the open sea we then meet the coral reef with clownfish's like Nemo and the the open sea with sharks. Going a bit ashore again, we first se the creatures og the shores and then the rays.


DE: Dies ist Schwedens grösstes Aquarium und gegenüber findet man den Nationalen Zoo. Insbesondere de Terrarienabteiung ist eine von den besten in Europa, aber auch die Aquarienabteilung ist super, u.a. mit einem 500.000L grossem Aquarium für Haie


DK: For mange er Kolmården lige med Djurpark (Zoo), men lige overfor ligger Sveriges største akvarium. Foruden et stort akvarium for hajer, er der en god samling af slanger, bare for at nævne nogle dyr.

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