City: Göteborg
Country: Sweden
Province: Västergötland
Opend  2001

Species 100


Universeum is a sciencecentre for the public, that was founded by Gothenburg City, Chalmers Institute, the University of Gothenburg and Vestsvensk industri- og handelskammer.  Today it works together with 16 universitys and similar schools. The building was drawn by Gert Wingård. 

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Last visit 2015


Södra Vägen 50
Box 14565
S - 40020 Göteborg







e-mail: info@universeum.se



Open 10am - 6pm



  • Adult 250 SEK
  • Child 195 SEK

Familiy-tickeys are valid for 2 adults and up to 3 children, you also can buy 2-day tickets  


Anualcard (Science Pass)

  • Adult 495 SEK
  • Child 345 SEK
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Universum is devided in to 5 sections: The road of water, that descripes the way from the source to the ocean (with animals like the leech, reptiles and amphibians - but also Lufse the Great Crested Grebe ); deathly beautys, where you meet 13 poisones snakespecies (like the White-lipped Pit Viper) you only meet here in scandinavia; the aquarium-hall with fishes frome around the world (like sharks and the Sawfish); the rainfaresthall with Goeldi's marmoset , poison arrow frogs, Electrical Eel and Piranhas; Kalejdo where size matters no matter  if its the tinyest microb ore a planet in the space; and Explora, that focuses on mankinde and technic, were you can se how strong you are.

DE: Findest du gewöhnliche Museen langweilig? Hast du lust auge in auge mit nem Hai oder ner giftschlange zu sehen? Dann ist dies dein Museum, wo man durch be'greifen und anrüren die welt kennen lehrnet.

DK: Synes du at almene museer er kedelige? Har du lyst til at se en haj i øjet eller se en giftslange? Så er dette dit museum, hvor du kan be-gribe og røre verden og på denne måde lære den at kende.
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