Havets Hus



City: Lysekil
Country: Sweden
Province: Bohuslän
Opend  1993

Species 100



Havets hus is an aquarium showing animals from the Gullmarsfjorden and Kattegat. At Havets hus you also finde Swedens biggest aquarium in cylindrical shape, containing 40000 liters and wich is 4 meters tall with an diameter of 4 meters.

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Last visit 2008



Havets Hus i Lysekil
Strandvägen 9
S-45330 Lysekil


Phone-number: 0523668166
Telefax: 0523-16535
E-mail: havetshus@lysekil.se




Open: March-October 10am - 4pm




  • Adukt 150 SEK
  • Child 85 SEK


  • Seasoncard
    • Adult 390 SEK
    • Child 220 SEK


    Sealsafari & Havets hus

    • Voksne 280 SEK
    • Barn 140 SEK

    The Sealsafari takes part in the swedish summerhollydays (normally in July & August) departing at 1pm with the M/S Strömkarlen


     Kids kan pet different animals in a touchpool and els there are daily feedings.


    The ocean and its animals makes people admire them and dazle about them. Som animals have beautyfull colours, other change there sex and others again have teeth in there stomach. You meet smal sharks and dath-mans-fingers. The trip begins at the beacharea and goes on throug the different enviroments og Kattegat, even down to the bottom of the ocean. On your way you totally look at 40 aquariums, where the biggest is the tunnelaquarium with 140000 liters and the smalest only has 70 liter. At the tunne-aquarium you are surrounded by water, wich is the home for the Spiny Dogfish , the Cod, the European Conger etc.


    DE: Havets Hus zeigt die Fische und andere Lebenswesen die man bei der schwedischen Westküste finden kann. Im Juli kann mann ausserdem auf Seehund-safari gehen.

    DK: Havets hus viser dyr fra den svenske vestkyst, hvor du kan se mendre hajarter, torsk, dødmandshåndosv. I de svenske børns sommerferie kan du også tage på safari for at se sæler i naturen

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