Skansen Akvariet


City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Province Södermanland
Opened 1978 

Species 310

Though we are looking at the aquarium, it's a good idear to look at Skansen it self, since you have to pay it's entrance-fee. Skansen it self was opened 11.10.1891 and is thereby the worlds first open air museum. Here you meet 150 different houses frome all of Sweden, most of them are 2-300 years old. The Skansen aquarium house was build in 1924 as the monkey house and the garden has since had a local and tropical zoopart. In the local zoo part, that infact is older than the open air museum. you meet typical Swedish animals like the Moose, reindeers, lynx's etc. Around the Aquarium, in the exotic part, the old giraf-house is home fore the colobus-monkeys. You also meet baboons and especiallt tropical birds in this area. In 2019 opened the Baltic Sea Science Center with 45 fish species from the Baltic Sea

The Skansen Aquarium it self opened in 1978 and has verry few fish's, but is known fore it's monkeys, reptiles and it's invertebrates.

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My last visit 2020

Skansen Akvariet
Box 27807
S - 115 93 Stockholm


Phone-number: 08 - 6661010
Fax-number 08-660 73 35


Open (minimum times, in summer a lot longer):


 Open-Air-Museum 10am - 3 pm

Aquarium Minimum 10 am - 4 pm

(The Aquarium is closed the 24th december) 




  • Adults 220,- SEK
  • Child 70,- SEk


  • Adults 120,- SEK
  • Kids 70,- SEk

Seasoncards (Valid for 12 months):


  • Adult* 295,- SEK
  • Barn 100,- SEK

* the card is valid for 1 adult + 1 child to the Open-Air-Museum, the "Bergbanan" and the "Biologiske Museet" (The museum of natural history) in front of Skansen. Aditional Children are 150 SEK each


  • Adult 295,- SEK
  • Child 150,- SEK


For kids the Open-Air-Museum has playground and caroussels. For big kids and adults there is a small petting area, here you meet animals like bird-eating spiders (if you dare)

Map Skansen 2011 Map Skansen 2014 Map 2020

You start your trip with going in to the ringtailed lemurs in a big aviary, so look after your wallets and your backs. In total the Aquarium has 9 monkey species and you meet raretys like the Coppery Titi Monkey and the Western Lesser Bamboo Lemur. Freeranging as well are some Tamarins. Other mammals here are th sloth and the armadillo ad Harri's antlope-squirrel. Els you meet birds, like the toucan, fish's like the seahorse and the stonefish, several species of frogs, cuban crocodiles, the gila monster and several species of birdeating spiders. Interesting as well is the good collection of poisones snakes.



DE: Stockholm hat keinen Zoo (Den nationalen Zoo findet man in Kolmården), aber mehrere Aquarien. Das gröste davon Liegt im Freilichtuseum Skansen, das aber auch shon tüpische Schwedische Tiere zeigt. Im Aquarium trift man auf Fischen, aber auch ) 9 Arten Affen und Vogelspinnen, die man anfassen darf.



DK: Stockholm råder over ingen zoo men flere akvarier. Det bedste findes i friluftsmuseet Skansen, der i sig selv viser typisk svenske dyr. Foruden fisk kan man i akvariet se 9 abearter og klappe en fugleedderkop.
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