Haus des Meeres


City: Vienna
Country: Austria
State: Vienna
Opend : 1957 

Species 320


A special feature of the Haus des Meeres is the accommodation in a former anti-aircraft tower from the second World War. The visitors' area of Zooarea spans six floors of total 9 floors, further expansion is planned.

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Last visited 2017

Haus des Meeres
Fritz-Grünbaumplatz 1
A-1060 Wien



Phone number 015871417
Fax number 01 586 06 17


On the 11/26/1957, scientists and business people, the "Society of Marine Biology" had the target, to open "A house of the sea", in the flak tower in thus establishing the first Salt-Water-Auqarium of Austria. By 1965 one and a half stories were adapted as exhibition rooms and equipped with 40 display tanks. 1966 the zoo opened it self an aquarium, which is a true competitor. 1973, the aquarium was expanded and totally renovated in 1980. In 1994, the Mediterranean in the 2nd Stock opened (which was refurbished in 2001 and expanded in 2007). And a 120,000 liters aquarium opened in 1997,wich became the great shark aquarium at the ground floor. In the first Stock was from 1999 the rainforest area and the second Floor could be expanded in 2000 with a tropical house. In 2007, then in the 3rd floor a Crocodile floor opened with a cafeteria on the fourth Floor. In the same year, the fresh water department was expanded, as a new large aquarium extended (by about 300,000 liters) for sharks. In 2009, then came the new home for the Chinese giant salamander at the 6th Floor.



Open 9am - 6pm, Thursdays 9am - 9pm




  • Adult 19,90 Euro
  • Child 8,90 Euro


Annual Card (not valid weekend's)
  • Adult 39,- Euro
  • Child 19,- Euro


There are several daily feeding as well as a touchpool with Koi 

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The Aquarium shows on more than 3500 m2 more than 10,000 animals. In the terrarium section crocodiles, snakes and lizards are shown. At the center of the tropical Sea-water-section is a large aquarium with sharks, a green turtle , lots of corals and colorful fish. The biggest attraction in the tropical freshwater section are the infamous piranha. The highlights are as such the Tropical House and the new crocodile park with free-flying birds and marmosetts.Die Mediterranean section offers an overview of the variety of different creatures that ocean, starting with anemones, clams, crabs, sea urchins to sea stars and fish.



 DE: Dies ist Österreichs grösstes Aquariumhaus mit dem grössten Aquarium des Landes welches 300.000 Liter umfast für Haie und Meeresschildkröten. Neben Fischen trift man auch freilaufende Seidenäffchen und freifliegende Vögel, wie interessante Reptilien und Amphibien.


DK: Hvis du er i Wiens centrum og opleve fisk på en mindre almen måde, så er denne bunker indrettet til Østrigs største akvarium. Naturligvis møder du også andet end bare fisk, da der også er fritløbende aber, flyvende hunde og fugle og forhåbentligt snart Europas eneste avlspar af den kinsiske kæmpesalamander.
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