Tiergarten Wels

City: Wels
Country: Austria
State Upper Austria
Opened 1934

Species 100

This beautyfull small zoo has 100 species and was opened 1934. The botanical side is also quite beautyfull and in between you finde really old trees. 

Vis stort kort

Last visit 2008


Tiergarten Wels
Maria-Theresia-Strasse 33
A - 4600 Wels



Phone number: 07242-235-7651
E-mail tiergarten@wels.gv.at



Open minimum  8am - 5pm


Entrance 0,- Euro



You can feed some animals 


This zoo has 3 entrances and can be entered free all year round. It even shows raretys and especially proud is the zoo of its monkey and hornbill collection. Just to mention a few there is the Lion-tailed Macaque, the western fat-tailed maki, the Mayotte Maki and the Papuan Hornbill 


DE: Dieser kleine Zoo hat freien Eintritt aber zeigt trotzdem Seltenheiden wie den Wanderu, mehrere Arten Lemuren und den Papua Hornvogel


DK: Denne have med gratis entre viser sjældenheder som Skægaber, Fladhalet dværgmakier, Mayotte lemurer og Papua næsehornsfugle, bare for at nævne nogle

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