City: Blankenberge
Country: Belgium
Province: West Flandern
Opend 12th September 1998

Species 100

This Serpentarium takes you to the facinating world of reptiles, amphibians, insect, spiders and other small creatures. Ever animal lives in a terarium showing the animals habitat.

The serpentarium has a long history on its back, all starting with the passion Marnick Croes. He startet a small collection as a 15 year old kid wich has been growing ever since. In the begining he showed his animals in public schools, and in 1994 he opened a small exehibition at the Bellewaerde Parken for 2 months. This was also targeted for public schools and similar institutions. In 1996 he then spoke to the mayor and the community of Blankenberge, so that he could open a terarium. This place opened in 1998. After have been designing every enclosure him self in that way that they where controled by a computer (one of the first ever to do this) the house could open 1998. He started with 45 terariums and has grown ever since, so that you finde 115 terariums today all with different animals.

Last visited 2010




Zeedijk 147
B - 8370 Blankenberge



Phone number: 50423162
Fax number: 50 42 31 63



Open minimum Monday-Friday 1 pm- 5 pm, weekends 10 am - 6 pm




  • Adult 12,- Euro
  • Child 8,- Euro
Map 2011

Of the many species shown i only will mention Rhinoceros Viper, Carpet Pythonen, Dumeril's Boa, Gargoyle Gecko , Abbott's Angle Head Lizard , scolopenders and several species of scorpions. Of course you also meet common species like the green iguana, bird-eating spiders and Spectacled Caiman  




DE: Das Serpentarium liegt mitten am Strand in vielleicht Belgiens grösten rekreationsstadt. Es zeigt mehrere Arten von schlangen, Fröschen, Skorpionen, Spinnen und Chamäleons

DK: Dette såkaldte Serpemtarium  viser naturligvis en del slanger, men muligvis også europas største samling af skorpioner.
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