Dolphinarium Nemo

City: Kharkiv
Country: Ukraine
Province: Kharkiv Oblast
Opend 2005


Species 135


Kharhiv Dolpinarium shows daily shows with Beluga, bottlenosed dolphins and sealions. It also has a small aquarium

Last visited 2021


Kharkiv Dolphinarium Nemo
Symskaya 35
T.G. Shevchenko Park
61000 Kharkiv


Phone number .:  057 700-94-00




Open minimum 10 am - 8 pm


Entrance Aquarium

  • 100,- UAH

Entrance Dolphinshow 300 UAH

You are welcome to take photos, just remember to mention the aquarium on your page
Entering the building you pass the stairs that lead up to the Arena. Behind the store is the entrance of the aquarium. On the first floor you meet fresh water fish in 22 aquariums. Like Piranhas and the paku. Climbing the stairs down you meet 16 aquariums withsalt water fish At the rear eand is a small terrarium with 20 tanks. Here you find snakes and spiders Kids will love the free running bunny

DE: Dieses Delphinarium hat auch ein kleines Aquarium

DK: Dette delfinariumhar også et lille akvarium
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