Tisz-tavi Ökocentrum


City: Poroszló
Country: Hungary
Region: Northern Hungary
Opend 27th April 2012

Species 100

Meet especially local fish as well as otters, golden jackals and mouflon

Last visited in 2022



Tisz-tavi Ökocentrum
Kossuth Lajos út 41

3388 Poroszló






Phone number: 36 553 033



Opened all year minimum 10 am to 4 pm



Entrance (There are packages with a 3D movie and/or boat trip as well)

  • Adult 21900,- HUF
  • Children 19900,- HUF
  • Baby 100,- HUF


For children there is a playground and a petting-area,

Map 2019
After paying the entrance fee we have a playground to the right and in front of us the main building. On the ground floor we find different Hungarian reptiles and amphibian like snakes and the fire salamander. Going to the basement we have aquariums showing the fish of Hungary. Most will be fascinated when huge sturgeons swim above your head. Behind the house we find enclosures for Cormarants, beavers and Asian small-clawed otter. On the other side aof the main building we walk on the walking bridge first to meet some turtles and tortoises, as well as white storks and eagles. Then passing red fox's and golden jackals to finally meet some Hungarian farm animals. Here children can pet a goat, but also meet the mighty Hungarian grey cattle. Further behind the main building we meet fallow dear, mufflon and pheasants as well as pelicans

DE: Dieses Ökozentrum zeigt die Tierwelt der Ungarischen Flüsse und Seen. Das Highlight ist ein riesiges Störbecken

DK: Dette økocentrum viser dyrelivet i ungarns floder og søer. Highlighted er et kæmpe størakvarium
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