Feldman Ecopark


City: Kharkiv
Country: Ukraine
Province: Kharkiv Oblast
Opend 2011


Species 300


Kharhiv Ecopark especially is a touchpark with safe animals for children with visual impairments. Still you meet cheetahs, siamang and cape genet

Last visit 2021

Feldman Ecopark
Kyivske Shose Str.12
Kharkiv oblast


Phone nr (050) 401 0912

Open minimum: 10 am - 6 pm



Entrance fee Free


Kids will love to feed some of the animals and pet some animals at the petting zoo


The first settlers in Feldman Ecopark were several dozen horses, donkeys, ponies, sheep, llamas, as well as turkeys, geese and rabbits. Without exception, all the animals of Ecopark lived in open areas, where guests could freely enter.

2012: The collection of animals of Feldman Ecopark has grown to 200 animals. In addition to poultry and ungulates, exotic beauties have begun to inhabit the Ecopark: South American coaties, Indian peacocks, Cameroon goats, Amur tigers and chimpanzees. 

2014: The Ecopark becomes part of EAZA

2015: The collection of animals of Feldman Ecopark increases to 2,000 animals of 200 species. At this moment, Ecopark has the largest collection of primates in Ukraine, the number of which reaches 180 individuals of 30 species.

2017: 300 Animal species at the zoo 

2020 Pecari, African wild dog and emperor tamarins arrive 

2021 Senegal galago, Dhole and philippines cloused rats arrive
Map 2021
At the parking lot we meet zebras, following the cars we reach the entrance. Here we meet lakes for fish and turtles. In the central part we meet monkeys, bears and a south american are with tortoises and tapirs. To the right we then have a big lake with flangos and storks. Next to it are sheeps. Following the path to the right we meet big ungulates like siberan ibex yak and deer. back to the man path we see different species of birds kulan, racoon dogs and others. passing the playground we meet bats. Back to the man path turning right we meet horses and alacas. Across we find orang utan and chimpanzees. next to them is the carnivore area with cheetahs, african wild dogs as well as baboons Behind them are bactrian camels and different species of  pheasants. 

DE: Dieser Zoo zeigt seltenheiten wie Nilgauantilope, Sibirischen Steinbock und Geparde

DK: Denne have viser sjældenhedder som nilghai antiloper, sibiriske stenbukke og geparder
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