Mořský svět Praha

City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Province: Prague Region
Opend 2002


Species 252

On the ground floor there is a huge shark tank (100,000 liters), tank with a wreck of the Bounty boat, sharks, rays etc. (50,000 liters), an unique special reniform tank with water turtles, arowanas, oscar fish, herbivorous piranhas etc. (27,000 liters ), tank with a North Carolina lighthouse and barracudas (15,000 liters) and a number of smaller aquariums. In the floor there is a 25 meter long coral cave with 10 ten smaller atypical aquariums. Several species of sharks, rays, morays, barracudas, piranhas, lionfish, arowanas, gouramis, oscar fish, lefteye flounders, seahorses and many other colorful coral fish, nautiluses, horseshoe crabs and many other marine invertebrates (corals, sea anemones, sea cucumbers, crustaceans etc.). In addition to fish and invertebrates there are also water turtles and caimans

Last visited 2017


Výstaviště 419/4
Prague 7
Czech Republic


Phone number .: 736649558



Open  minimum 9am-6pm


  • Adult 320,- CZK
  • Child 80,- CZK
  •  Annual card
    • Adult 1150,- CZK
    Map 2015
    After paying the entrance fee we see som larger tanks in the middle for the pacu and sea turtles. Aceoss is a huge tank with rays and a shipwreck. Walk along the wall to muray eals and other tropical creatures. across we find the clown fish and other tropical fish.On the wall near the stair case we meet some local fish. Going behind the staircase we the meet the sharks. On our way to the staitcas we then see dragon fish and other tropical fish.Going up the stair case we first encounter the cinema. behind it it we meet several coral reef tanks with sea horses, clown fish and trigger fish.

    DE: Dies ist das grösste Aquarium der Stadt mit insbesonders tropischen Fischen wie der Clownfisch, Seepferden und Haien

    DK: Dette er byens største akvarium som især viser tropiske arter som klovnfisk, søheste og hajer
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