Ocenarium Morzka Kazka


City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
County: Kiev

Opend 3rd november 2012


Species 200

The oceanarium has underwater tunnel, aquariums of atypical shapes, numerous decorations, touch pool etc. More than 200 species of animals - number of various fish (morays, takifugu, turretfish, damselfish, surgeonfish, seahorses, stonefish, more than 20 species of clowns...) , cartilaginous fish (sharks, rays...), marine invertebrates (octopuses, jellyfish, corals, starfishes etc.) and turtles

Last visited 2019


Ocenarium Morzka Kazka
3 Malishka street
Detsky Mir Center






Phone number .:  044-500 -70-22




Open minimum 10 am - 3 pm



  • Adult 200,- UAH
  • Child 150,- UAH

You are welcome to take photos, just remember to mention the aquarium on your page
Map 2017 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee we go down the stairs and enter two rows of coral reef fish opposite each other. Here we see moray eels, sea hors and clown fish The following the path to the left we have some larger aquarius, gere in the middle is a tank with sharks and sting rays. Here we also meet the Nile crocodile. Going a bit back we are going the stairs down to enter the great ocean with sea turtles. On the other side we habe the last room with dragon fish and blacktip sharks among others

DE: Dieses Aquarium zeigt insbesonders fische der tropischen Meere, hat aber auch Krokodile

DK: Dette akvarium viser især fisk fra de tropiske hav, men har ligeledes krokodiller
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