Grădina Zoologică Călăraşi

City: Călărași

Country: Romania

Province: Călărași

Opend 1st June 1980

Species 101

This small zoo shows animals like the Amur tiger, grizzly bear and crowned pigeons. It has a small aqua-terarium.

Last visited 2018


Gradina Zoologico Călărași
Str. Parc Dumbrava , Nr. 1

Phone number 0242-314152


Opened minimum 9am - 5 pm

Entrance fee

  • Adult 5,- RON
  • Child 5-18 years 3,- RON



For kids there is a petting area and several playgrounds


1980 Opened
1985 Floded, 80% of the animals died
1988 Reopened
Map 2018
After paying the enytance fee wee go around and enclosure for roe deer and then red deer. Following are some enclosure for ostriches, kamels, lamas and alpacas. Across we see lions, brown bear and Amur tiger. At the mufflons them we turn right and enter 3 islands, showing the local biodiversity. Crossing the last bridge we are back on the mainpath again and turn left to see some aviaries for water fowl. Passing the hippos we enter the aqua-terrarium with a lot of fresh water fish tanks in the middle. In the wall you find terrariums for crocodiles and pythons among others.  Outside again we look at other aviaries for waterfowl and turn right at the goats. Passing another tiger enclosure we on the right hand have a small monkey house with baboons among others. Across is a path with cages for the jaguar and the lynx.  Back to the monkeys and turning left we pass the autralian enclosure at wich end we turn left again to see some parots. Both houseson this path you can enter to see somemore parots

DE: Dieser kleine zoo zeigt insbesonders fische und vögel aber auch die grossen katzen wie Löwe und Tiger

DK: Denne lille have viser især fisk og fugle men også de store kate som løve og tiger
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