City: Kerkrade
Country: Netherlands
Province: Limburg
Opend 01.06.2005



Species 100

Walk among animals frome Europe, America and Africa. Play among dinosaurs. In the European section you can meet otters and local farm animals. The American section is divided between the Amazon river and the tundra of the north. Meet musc ox, wolverines and playfull monkeys. In the African section you can visit Namibia and the Congo. Meet Gorillas, Rhinos and bongos.

Last visited 2017


Dentgenbachweg 105
6468 PG Kerkrade

Phone number 045 - 5676070



Opened minimum 10am - 4 pm

Entrance fee

  • Adult 22,50 Euros
  • Child 3-9 years 17,50 Euros
Annual cards
  • Adult 56,50 Euro
  • Child 49,50 Euro

For kids there is a petting area and several playgrounds


On February 21, 2001 the name Gaia Park was public released for a thematic planned zoo in Kerkrade.

In December 2003 the construction of the Gaia Park
started, Limburg's first major zoo. Experts from Apenheul, an American architectural firm specializing in zoo's and a number of other experts from the zoo world have been involved in designing the new zoo in Kerkrade: the "Gaia Park". The master plan is drawn to be build in two phases. The total cost of the first phase was be over 19 million. This money came from different funds. The zoo opened on April 23, 2005.

In 2007 Gaiapark gets two prizes, the award
by Zoosite for best zoo and the ANWB readers voted it the best zoo of the Netherlands. A new play parcours and carousel was built. A scoop as a musk ox is born for the first time in the Netherlands. Work on the rhinoenclosure also begins in 2007

2008 in the spring of that year a brand new house and a new barn opens. They start with two male white rhinos from England and one from the Beekse Bergen. The Cheetahs also get a new residence and bat-eared foxes as well get a spot in the park part called Namibia.

2009 the diodome opens

In 2010 a wolverine is successfully reared for the first time. In addition the very first zebra and gorilla of the zoo sees the life of light. Unfortunately the gorilla dies, but others are born since. The zoo is renamed GaiaZoo

2011 the farm area opens and the bush dogs arrive

2012 the lynx gets its enclosure

2013 a small aquarium opens

2014 the wolves get theire enclosure and the Puna aviary opens

2015 th tapir house opens, giant anteaters arrive

2017 Venezuelan red howler arrive

Map 2015 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee and walking a bit we are having the lynx in front of us. Take the path to the left and look at the big aviary with different vultures. Following this path you meet bactrian camels, prezewalski's horse, otters and the lesser panda. Then we are entering the Kinderberderij (childres farm) where we first see donkeys and then follow the path to the left watching cows and pigs. On the right hand we see shetland ponies and goats. In this area we also find the DinoDome, an insoor playground. Behind the restaurant we take the path and first see two savannahs, in between are the meerkats. Then its time to watch the African wild dogs, Cheetahs and lions. The first path to the right leads us then to the gorillas and the bat-eared fox. Walking along the gorilla enclosure to meet pygmy hippos, bongos and red river hogs. On the other side of the gorilla house we find a walk in enclosure for squirrel monkeys. Let us then enter the monkey house with spider monkeys, capucine monkeys and howler monkeys. On the right side we have the giant ant eaters and then it is time to enter the Puna aviary with South American birds. In front of the white-faced saki tur to the ledt to enter the terrarium too see anacondas, leaf-cutter ants and bird-eating spiders. Follow the path on the right to see the South American tapirs and bush dogs. Going through the tunnel and turn right to enter the barbary macaque enclosure. Then its time to look at the aquarium. Lets then follow the musc ox enclosure to see rein deer and wolverine. Following the path to see owls, wolves and raccoons. the last thing we do is entering the large aviary with parakeets.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt Arten wie Moschusochsen, Rote Brüllaffen und den Dunkelkusimanse. Aber hat natürlich auch Gorillas, Giraffen und Löwen. Man findet auch ein kleines Aquarium und ein kleines Terrarium

DK: Denne lille zoo viser arter som moskusokser, røde brøleaber og kusimanser. Men har naturligvis også gorillaer, giraffer og løver. Der er også et lille akvarium og et lille terrarium
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