Reptilienzoo Forchtenstein

City: Forchtenstein
Country: Austria
State: Burgenland
Opend 1st May 2009



Species 150

At this terrarium you especially meet reptiles, especially snakes, in out door and indoor terrariums

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Last visited 2016


Martin Polaschek
Melinda-Esterhazyplatz 6
A-7212 Forchtenstein


Phone number 02626 / 81 439
Fax number 02773 / 44 742




Open  minimum February-December Weekends 10am-5pm



  • Adult 14,50 Euro
  • Child 8,50 Euro
Season card
  • Adult 30,- Euro
  • Child 20,- Euro

Map 2020
Paying the entrance fee at souvenir shop we start in the next room and turn left. Time to meet some reptiles of Europe, like lizards and aspis vipers. Behind it we find the spider grotto withbird eating spiders and scorpions. They are follwed by a room with crocodiles and bigger snakes, like the anaconda. The last bigroom is home to poisones snakes like taipan, mamba and cobra. Here we also find the nursery. Going out side we have enclosures for monitors, rhinoceros iguanas and tortoises. The screamers here are the colourfull macaws

DE: Dieses Terrarium zeigt insbesonders Giftschlangen,Vogelspinnen und Warane

DK: Dette lille terrarie viser især giftslanger, fugleedderkopper og varaner
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