Plzen Aquarium Terrarium

City: Plzen
Country: Czech Republic
Province: Plzen
Opend : 1962 

Species 180 

In downtown Plzen you have this part of the Zoo extracting in 4 rooms in a townhouse. You especially meet insects and spiders (I did se more the 40 species of spiders), but it's also home for some fish and reptiles

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Last visited 2012


Aqua Terra Zoo
Plzen. Zoo.
Palackého 5,
Jižní Předměstí, 301 00 Plzen
Czech Republik



Phone number .: 377 324 346



Open  10am-7pm


  • Adult 60,- CZK
  • Child 40,- CZK
  •  Annual card
    • Adult 180,- CZK
    • Child 120,- CZK
    Map 2002

    At a roundtrip in the aquaterrarium we start at the till station paying the entrabce fee. While getting the cash back we all ready se the first terrariums for insects. Here we also have some displays for the tropical africa and a large terrarium showing animals from the amazonas. The next small room especially shows spiders. Then its time to look at ecosystem of lake malawi, that especially is known for it's cichlides but also at the ecosystem of the mangrove. Next we look at the coralreef and in the final room its the home for tropical fish like the piranha



    DE: Dies kleine Aquaterrarium mitten in Plzen zeigt eine vielfalt von insbesonders insekten und spinnen die mann sehr selten sieht. Natürlich gibt es ab auch hier  Fische und Reptilien

    DK: Dette lille akvaterarium midt i Plzen viser især insekter og edderkopper (så en ca 40 arter edderkopper), men har også en fin samling fisk og krybdyr
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