Zoo Zlin-Lesna


City: Zlin-Lesna
Country: Czech Republic
Province: Zlín Region
Opend 1948


Species 215


The zoo has nearly 48 hectares of exposition areas and behaves over 200 species that include lowland gorillas, African elephants, rhinos and anteaters. The zoo is has more than 13 000 plant species in the park itself grows over 104 kinds of rare trees and plants.

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Last visited 2012


ZOO a zámek Zlín-Lesná
Lukovská 112
763 14 Zlín 12
Czech Republic

Phone number 577 914 180

Open : minimum 8.30am-4pm

Entrace fee:

  • Adult 190,- CZK
  • Child 130,- CZK
  • Familly ticket* 600,- CZK

* for 2 adults and 2 children, if you have 3 children its 700 CZK

Annual ticket (Zoo Zlin Family)

  • Adult 700,- CZK
  • Child 700,- CZK
  • Familly card* 1000,- CZK

* for 2 adults and up to 3 children

For kids: Playgrounds and pettingarea

Food: The Zoo has a place where you can get a snack


Taking photos: Is allowed, if publiciesed, please mention the zoo on your homepage


  • 1996 Opening of the gibbon island
  • 1997 The gorillas and ruffed lemurs get a new home
  • 1998 Openenig of the house for African ungulates and the penguin enclosure
  • 2000 Renovation of the sea lion pool
  • 2001 Opening of the enclosures for Asian black bears and Amur tigers. 
  • 2003 Opening of the elephant house, an island for lemurs and an enclosure for kangaroos
  • 2004 The Amazon area opens and the lions get a new home
  • 2005 The vicugnas get a new home
  • 2006 The tropical house Yucatan opens
  • 2008 The greater flamingo and giant ant eater get a new home 
  • 2009 A wak throug aviary for vultures opens
  • 2010 The first part of the Ethiopian area opens
  • 2011 A house for the fire salamander opens, the lesser panda gets a new enclosure
  • 2012 The second part of the Ethiopian area opens
  • 2013 The white rhinos get a new enclosure, opening of the Hala-Bala area, home for the siamang and the Malayan tapir
  • 2014 Opening of a touch pool for rays
Map 2011 Map 2013 Map 2019
After paying the entrance fee you go inde the tropical house with tamarins, birds and fish as well as the giant otter.  Following the path on the right side soon after we meet the Lipizzan. Going after the sound we soon after see the macaws, acroos is an aviary for pelicans. Then it's time to look at monkeys and the gorilla, in this area we also find the Humboldt's penguin. Going then behind the castle we have lakes for lesser flamingos and black storks. Back at the castle we can look at the castle (for an extra fee) and the terrarium in the basement. Outside and on the right we then have a house for fire salamanders. On the other side of the restaurant is a small dinosaur exhibotion and behind it a lawn for saddle-billed storks. Following the path we after a while then have aviaries for African birds, followed by a savannah for zebras and giraffes. Going through the house we see the greater kudu, spotted hyena, secretay birds, meerkat and the zebu. Opposite the Somali sheep we have an large area for the gelada baboon, following this one to the right we see a large aviary for African birds. Taking the path to the right we then meet the ring-tailed lemurs, lions and the African elephant. Next to the lions is anonther savannah, home for white rhinos and African antelopes. Passing the greater flamingo lagoon we walk through the aviary for Rüppell's vulture, we turn left the see the leser panda. Still following the path to the right we see ruffed lemurs, pelicans and cranes. Passing the flamingo's once more we meet Asian birds, gibbons and the Amur tiger. Following the Asian step with Bactrian camels and black buk we turn right to see the cassowary, New Guinea Singing dog and the great hornbill. Walking through the kangaroo and emu enclosure, we turn left we meet black swans, Australian pelicans and the kea. Now we have reached the childrens zoo with cockatoos and sheep. Passing then a bridge we see South American water fowl and then walk through an aviary for macaws. Turning left we pass another lake for South American water fowl and then on the right the funny squirrel monkeys. Keping right we soon after see the vicugna and rhea followed by an South American pampas. In this area we also find the South American tapir, different birds, giant ant eater, coaties and pecaries. Now heading for the exit we see maned wolves and the South American sea lion.

DE: Dieser Zoo der auf dem Gebiet des Schloss Zlin liegt ist einer der besten des landes und zeigt seltenheiten wie den Riesenotter und den Dschelada

DK: Denne have ligger på området af slottet Zlin er en af landets bedste og viser sjældenheder som kæmpeodderen og gelada bavianen
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