Zoopark Vyskov


City: Vyskov
Country: Czech Republic
Province: South Moravian Region
Opend 08.08.1965


Species 133


The Zoo Vyskov was opened to the public in 1965 and it was then called "the corner of living nature". The zoo is focused on breeding original and contemporary domestic animals. In the Zoo Vyškov you will see animals from Asia,Europe and South America. The Zoo Vyskov is open around the year. In the summer months, in spring and autumn the admission includes a visit to the zoo and to the nearby dinopark. Transportation to the dinopark is provided by the Dinoexpress.

Vis stort kort

Last visit 2012

 Cukrovarská 424/9
682 01 Vyskov
Czech Republic


Phone nr 517 346 356

Open minimum 9am-4pm

Entrance for the zoo

  • Adult 90 CZK
  • Child 60 CZK

Entrance for the zoo and dinopark (special bus lives from the zoo every 15th minute)

  • Adult 220 CZK
  • Child 150 CZK
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After paying the entrance fee we have to the right the bus departure to the dino park with 40 dinosaurs moving arround, a 4D cinema and a observatory to watch stars. Strating then with the animals we start with the Asian planes home for the bactrian camel and the yak. Going on to the Savannah of Africa with ostiches, Arabian camel and watussi cattle. Across we find the South American Pampas, home for the llama and the rhea. Going around grandma's farm and inside the yard we meet ship, goats and pigs - these animals can be fet with the food bought at the till station. Next we have some rabits and accros some aviaries with poultry. Kids automatically then will run to the horses from the mighty shire horse to the small shetland pony, here we also find the Tarpan. This species is extinct but at Munich zoo (Germany) a horse like the orginal was bred back a century ago.  Next we look at an area for czech wild animals like the squirrel and marten, here we also find a walk through aviary for ducks.  The last animals are cattle, with starnge beasts like the water buffalo to the scottish high land cattle. Finally we have the Haná farmhouse where you are told about how a farm works, both back in time and in present time

DE: Dieser Zoo hat sich auf Haustiere spezalisiert, es werden insbesonders ausländische Formen gezeigt wie der der Hausbüffel, Dromedare und die rückzuchtung des Tarpan. Wer lust hat kann dass Kombiticket für Zoo und Dinopark nehmen, ein Bus verbindet beide Parks

DK: Denne zoo har specialiseret sig på husdyr. Der bliver især vist audenlandske former som tambøffelen, dromedarer og tilbagekrydsningen af den uddøde tarpan. Dem som elsker dinosauer kan købe en kombibillet til dinoparken, en bus kører mellem de 2 parker hvert kvarter
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