Zoologická zahrada Děčín


City: Decin
Country: Czech Republic
Province: Usti nad Labem
Opend 1948


Species 147


The zoological garden concentrates on breeding less known and highly endangered species of animals that appear very rarely in the other Zoo's – like Mountain Anoas, the smallest wild buffalos in the world, or the rare Japanese chamois called serau as well as babirussa's and Prince Alfred's spotted deer . Popular are also the grizzly bears, cockatoo parrots, felines and other animals  of prey, mountain ungulate, apes and many others.

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Last visited 2012


Phone number 412 531 164


Zoological Garden Decin
Zizkova 1286/15

CZ - 405 02  Decin 4
Czech Republic

E-mail: servis.zoo@zoodvurkralove.cz


Open : minimum 9am-4pm

Entrace fee:

  • Adult 150,- CZK
  • Child 100,- CZK

Annual ticket

  • Adult 1000 CZK
  • Child 650 CZK
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After paying the entrance fee we se the Hucul pony on the right. Following is a lake for ducks, here we also find some storks and a bit later som wallabies . To the left we then find the Grizly bear which you also find on the zoo emblem, Theire neighbors are the sun bears and leopards. Going arround the carner we then se prevosts squirrel and the fishing cat. Also having theire home in this corner is the musk deer. Then we look at some phesants and the seriema. Across we find the red-crowned crane and the Visayan spotted deer. If we follow theire enclosure we soon se the porcupine and the prairie dog. Inside the deer house we find the Java mouse deer. Accross we finde some rodents like the agouti and hutiacongs. The the squirrel monkey, owls and the margay. Following the path on the left we soon see the maned wolf and minks. Turning left here we are in the European area with capercaillie, lynx, red fox and the badger. Going arround the wild boar enclosure we the see different owls and bird of prey. The next large carnivore we see is the wolf, also home in the czech republic. At the enclosure for roe deer we turn right and see the west caucasian tur. Then following are the llama, the vicungna as well as the European ground squirrel. At the mountain goat and donkey we turn right walking toward the exit and passing the the hucul once more

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo in der nähe der Deutschen Grenze zeigt ein gute Samlung von Europäischen Tieren. Aber auch sehr selten gezeigte Tiere wie der Wastkaukasische Steinbock und das Moschustier gibt es hier zu finden.

DK: Denne lille have nær den tyske grænse viser en god samling af europæiske dyr. Desuden rummer haven en del sjælden viste dyr som vestkaukasisk tur og moskusdyret.
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