National Sea Life

City: Scheveningen
Country: Netherlands
Province: South Holland

Opend 3rd June 1993



Species 150



With more than 50 aquaria this place shows the mysterious under water world. This Sea Life has more than 3000 animals representing the 7 Oceans of the world.So meet sharks, piranha's, rays, sea horses and a lot of other creatures.

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SEA LIFE Scheveningen
Strandweg 13

Phone nr 070-3542100

Open minimum 10 am - 6 pm



Entrance fee

  • Adult 17,25 €
  • Child 13,25 €

Annual card (Jaarpas)

  • Adult 45,- €
  • Child 35,- €

Children will love the touch pool



Sea Life Scheveningen was the first Sea Life centre out side of Great Britain. It openede in 1993 with the first underwatertunnel in the Netherlands. 2011 the first external exhibit came with asian small-clawed otters. 2015 another enclosure was added for humboldt penguins
Map 2011 Map 2015
After paying the entrance fee we turn left to meet fish from dutch lakes and streams. Entering the building we first meet clown fish and then a huge ray tank. In this area we also find the touch pool. Folowing the ray tank we have a cinema  and then enter the North Sea area. Behind it comes the mighty amazone with caimans. Back in to the deep sea we meet the fish from the coral reef, befor pass the underwater tunnel to watch sharks. Then it is time to meet the jellies and the sea horses kingdom. The last area is the special exhibition area befor we go out side again to see humbold penguins and small-clawed otters.

DE: Dieses Aquarium zeigt unter anderem Haie und Seepferdchen, so wie Humbold Pinguine und Zwergotter

DK: Dette akvarie viser blandt andet hajer og søhest, men ligledes humbold pingviner og dværgoddere
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