City: Emmen
Country: Netherlands
Province: Drenthe
Opend 1935



Species 200



Built in 1935 and opened at a new place in 2016, it is considered to be one of the finest zoos in Europe and has won various prizes. Animals live in a carefully reconstructed natural habitat according to vegetation, climate and elevation. The zoo is made out of 3 parts Jungola with elephants, Nortica with Polar bears and Serenga with one of europes largest savannahs

Last visit 2016

WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen
Raadhuisplein 99
7811 AP Emmen


Phone nr 0591-850-855

Open minimum 10am-5pm, closed 1st January, 25th and 31st december

  • Adult 27,50 Euro
  • Child 23,- Euro

Annual card (Abonnement)
  • Adult: 62,50 Euro
  • Child: 38,50 Euro

Kids will love the play grounds and the petting zoos


The Northern Zoo was opened in 1935. Director William SJ Oosting had always dreamed of in his backyard to create a zoo. The following years the park was getting bigger because it small landparts were addded. Especially just after the war, the park had a lot of success. It became the top attraction of the north. However, the 1960s went disappointing. There were fewer visitors and so there was less and less money for new projects. Because the Northern Zoo was a family business, it did not count on public support. At the time there was not even enough money to keep it just running. In 1970 the municipality of Emmen took half of the park over from the family Oosting. Aleid Rensen Oosting and her husband, architect Jaap Rensen, took the management from her father. The Northern Zoo began its second childhood. Under the inspiring leadership of the Rensen couple the park was driven in a new way. The new road was "education."  One of the first new projects was therefore an educational center. The park was a totally different format. Most zoos are classified according to species. Think of a bird house, monkey house, pachyderm house and so on. In the Northern Zoo, the animals were allocated to the continent where they came from. This was a significant and especially valuable job. Therefore, the transformation was gradual. In 1995 the couple Rensen could look back on 25 years of dynamic, where they rebuilding it the park one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe. A celebration and a farewell at the same time, because they decided to transfer the management of Henk Hiddingh. Henk was since 1983 connected to the park and for several years a member of the board. He was director in charge of about 180 employees. The small family business had grown. Even today Emmen Zoo is the biggest tourist attraction in the North. It is even one of the biggest attractions of the Netherlands. The park still has the reputation of being very progressive. That should remain so. Therefore the park is constantly working on improvement and innovation on all fronts. Thus was opened in the late 1990s the beautiful AmeriCasa. Who walks around there, feel in a South American rainforest. A very different example is the life like Sewer for Rats. In 1999, construction began on a new, large car park and the Traverse. This walkway connects both parts of the park together. In the interior of the first part of the Es Emmen Zoo works closely with the Water Company Drenthe. Water, and particularly water in nature, starring in a spectacular multimedia presentation. The care of sufficient fresh (potable) water worldwide to date. A water plant with the latest technology makes sure that all Emmen Zoo can reuse its wastewater. The space Es also allows the animals more natural to show the public than before. Group of animals, for example, may also actually be kept in large groups. Playa Pingüinos is a good example. This vast residence can accommodate hundreds of Humboldt penguins. The audience really gets a glimpse into the world of animals. In 2016 then the entire zoo moved the new grounds. Opening with the worlds of Jungola, Nortica and Serenga
Map 2011 Centrum Map 2011 ES Map 2015 Map 2016 Map 2020
After paying the entrance fee we enter the central plaza where we have to chose if we want to start with Jungola, Nortica or Serenga. Lets start in the left with Nortica witj the sea lions. Followinf the path in the trea building on the left we meet rats. Going through the penguin enclosure we see polar bears. Back to the central plaza we enter the Serenga, starting with the Dogon village. Here you can pet goats and donkeys. Walking through the prairie dog enclosure and hippo eclosures on the right. Its followed by an wallaby enclosure we follow the path to the right to the Animazia. Animazia is an huge indoor play ground with a large aquarium for sea turtles and sharks. Back on the main road we have the bactrian camel enclosure, turning right. Here we see the Savannah area with lions on the right and antelopes, giraffes and rhinos to the left. Lets then see the Meerkat and then the pygmy zebu - these you can pet as well. If you want to enters the savannah next is the point to do so. Opposite are baboons. The last animals here are the onagers. The last section is the Jungola where we enter the butterfly house, home to chinese alligators. Lets then look at Asian elephants. Following theire enclosure we enter on of Europes largest inddors rain forests, not only home to the elephants but also to lorikeets that you can feet. Here also are lemurs, gibbons and spider monkeys. Going towards the exit we meet small-clawed otters as last animals.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo ist in 3 Zonen eigeteilt - Jungola, Nortica und Serenga. In Jungola geht man durch insbesondere Asiens wälder und trifft auf Affen und Elefanten. In Nortica dagegen wird die Tundra gezeigt mit Eisbären und Pinguinen. Im Serenga werden die biotope Savanne und Sahel gezeigt mit ua Löwen und Nashörnern

DK: Denne lille zoo er inddelt i 3 områder - Jungola, Nortica og Serenga. I Jungola går man især gennesm asiatiske skove og møder aber og elefanter. Nortica derimod viser tundraens landskab mit isbjørne og pingviner. I Serenga bliver savannernes og sahels biotoper vist med bla løver og næsehorn
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