Reptilienzoo Happ

City: Klagenfurt
Country: Austria
State: Carinthia
Opend 1976




Species 175




This terrarium showes especially a big collection of reptilies - especially snakes (they are having more than 60 species!), but has also a good collection of spiders

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Last visited 2016


Reptilienzoo Happ
Villacherstr. 237
9020 Klagenfurt


Phone number 0463 23 4 25
Fax number 0463 23 4 25 14




Open  9am-5pm, closed november 



  • Adult 16,- Euro
  • Child 8,- Euro

The reptile house in Klagenfurt was opened on April 1, 1976 by Frederick Happ. He founded it through exhibitions at the largest natural history museums in Germany , Switzerland and Austria in the years 1968-76. And partly by taking a loan. With the construction of the reptile zoo in Klagenfurt, he fulfilled his lifelong dream. Here he met his wife Helga, a dedicated teacher who – like him – since childhood had a passionate for the critters .  
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After paying the entrance fee we enter the house with a lot of snakes, tortoises and small critters like bird eating spiders as well as crocodiles. Going out side there are some dens for reptiles in sommer - most surprisingly might be that you find a rattle snake (Maybe europes only out door rattle snake enclosure) Following the house we then to the left have a photo area where you can take a picture with a snake. Its followed by a lake where you might find some local amphibians. Around the corner is an enclosure for local snakes, followed by giant tortoises. Behind them is a small dinosaur garden

DE: Dieses Terrarium zeigt insbesonders Schlangen, hat aber auch ua Riesenschildkröten und einen kleinen Dinosauriergarten

DK: Dette terrarium viser især slanger, men har ligeledes også bl.a. kæmpeskildpadder og en en dinosarer have
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