Wildpark Altenfelden


City: Altenfelden
Country: Austria
State: Upper Austria
Opend 1969




Species 213




This zoo near the German border is a great park with an interesting collection of deer (You meet 4 different subspecies of sika-deer, like the rare Formosa and the Manchurian Sika), som goats like the Chamois and som carnivores like the Lynx. Beside that it also has a small aquarium,

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Last visited 2016

Wildpark Altenfelden
Atzesberg 8
A-4121 Altenfelden


Phone number 0664 / 576 98 51
Fax number 07282 / 55 90 - 4


Opened minimum 10am - 6 pm

Entrance fee

  • Adult 12,50 Euros
  • Child 6-15 years 6,50 Euros


Annual cards (valid for 12 months)
  • Adult 48,- Euro
  • Child 24,- Euros



For kids there is a petting area and several playgrounds

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After paying the entrance where we see donkeys, dybowski deer and peacock goats. At the wallaby enclosure, also home to roe and greater mara, we turn left. Here we meet fallow deer, snow sheep and Père Davids deer. Next to them are Falabellas, alpacas and ouessant sheep. At the red deer enclosure we follow the main path again to soon after  meet the small clawed otter. Then its up to you to go the Rabenstein hills, on your road you meet Cheetal and Japanese sika. The zoos biggest aviary is full of water fowl. Followed by local ungulates, the ibex and the chamois. Lets then see Chapman's zebra. Carnivores like the badger and marten are living in the following enclosures. Opposite are more carnivores like the serval and the jungle cat. Next are the elk and some pigs as well as the greater rhea. Opposite we se the funny barbary macaque and Himalayan tahr. Following the wolf enclosure we meet racoon and coaties. The next areas path is a bit rough, here we meet wild goats,red fox and lynx.Here there also is a small fish house. Beeing inside an enclosure you might be able to see red deer, mouflon and Manchurian sikas. At the Barbary sheep we walk up a steep hill to meet cougars and end at a pheasantry. Here you also find cages with parrots and rabbits. Heading towards the entrance we meet bell deer. Close by also is the birds of prey show which april to october is held daily twice. At last lets meet owls, maral's and sambar deer.

DE: Der grösste Tierpark von Österreich zeigt insbesonders Hirsche wie 4 verschiedene Sika Underarten. Aber auch Raubtiere wie den Puma und ein kleines Aquarium

DK: Dette er arealmæssigt østrigs største zoo og viser især forskellige hjorte, bl.a. 4 forskellige underarter af Sikahjorten. Men der bliver også vist rovdyr som pumaen og der er et lille akvarium
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