Cherkasy Zoopark

City: Cherkasy
Country: Ukraine
Province: Cherkasy Oblast
Opend 1979


Species 142


The zoo shows regular zooanimals like tigers and bisons, but also has a terrarium

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Last visit 2019

Cherkasy Zoopark
ul. Smejaiskaja 132

Phone nr 0472 63-46-42

Open minimum 10am-5pm



Entrance fee


  • Adult 60,- UAH
  • Child 40,- UAH

Kids will love to feed some of the animals and pet some animals at the petting zoo


The Cherkasy City Zoo was established on May 1, 1979. The area of ​​the zoo of Cherkasy is 4 hectares. Over the last years of the zoo's work, the reconstruction was carried out, the old, unsuitable enclosures were gradually improved, the territory was improved, the species composition of the living fauna was replenished. New enclusures for ungulates, carnivores, monkeys, as well as new aviaries for pheasants were built. 
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After paying the entrance fee we have a large lake with water fowl inforont of us. Following it a bit we have a exotatium to the left with several species of tamarins and reptiles. Accross the house is the childrens zoo with typical farm anials. The next house in this area is the madagascar house, home to different species of lemurs, like ring-tailes lemurs. Going back to the lake we then have a house for tropical birds, here there are parrots and toucans. Following the path to the left we hae aviaries for pheasants. then turning right we meet the pelicans. Opposite are several aviaries for birds of prey. They are followed by a small noctural house with fennec foxs and then agan the monkey house with among others baboons. On the other side we have the avivaries for oriental, leopards, amur togers and other cats. Now we have reached a square, behind it are enclosures for brown bear, otter and wolf. Next to it we meet deer and wisent, Taken the small path behind the tiger enclosure we meet wallabies. Heading back to the exit just before is a path to the right, on it we have a crocodile house and a terrarium.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt viele Reptilien und mehrere Affenarten, aber auch Amurleoparden und Wisente

DK: Denne lille have viser især krybdyr og flere forskellige arter af aber, ligeledes også dyr som amurleoparden og wisenten
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