Parken Zoo

City: Eskilstuna
Country: Sweden
Province: Södermanland
Opend 1956


Species 106


The zoo shows animals from around the world, like the rarely seen  Asian Lions, Comodo Dragon, Clouded Leopard, Drill, Sand Cat and Negros Warty Pig. The zoo also has a big fairfield.

Vis stort kort

Last visited 2013


Parken Zoo i Eskilstuna AB
S 63186 Eskilstuna



Phone numberr.: 016-100 100



Open May-October minimum 10am - 5pm, September only weekends



  • Adult 380,- SEK
  • Child 330,- SEK

Season card

  • Adult 930,- SEK
  • Child 650,- SEK

The zoo has a large funfair which kids will love, rides are not included in the entrance fee. Included though is a lage petting zoo


The park it self opened as a peoples park in 3rd July 1898, but the first animal first arrived in the beginning of the 1950s with the moose Prinsen (the prince). The most popular animal though was the Giant Panda Jin Jin that visitet the zoo in 1986. Since 1954 the zoo takes an entrance fee. In the years 2012-13 the zoo was visited by the program cold facts and though it claims to save critical edangered animals, it might kill them instead, but investigations are taken.

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After paying the entrance fee we walk through the fun fair to the building saying Djurpark (Animal park), which is the entrance to the zoo. The first animals we meet are the Visayan warty pig. Afterwards we reach the cat house, starting with pallas's cat and lesser panda. Inside the Asian Pavilion  we find the binturong, Asian lions and the clouded leopard. Outside again we turn left and se the fishing cat and the Sumatran tiger. Across we find Asian small.clawed otters as well as gibbons. Then following the enclosure of the sand cat and turn right to se the Meerkat. Behind we are having the mini zoo, a sort of petting zoo with free running alpacas and other farm animals. Inside we also are having the childrens reptile house. Going back to the meerkats and then turning right we se red-necked wallabies. Accross are drills, L'Hoest's monkey and red-bellied lemurs. Then we see Amur leopards to the left and cheetahs to the right. Behind them we find the Alaotra gentle lemur, giant otters and pygmy hippos. Then we go inside the Amazoonas, a tropical house with crocodiles, tamarins and a lot of other fascinating creatures. Outside again we se the jaguar. Turning right at the yellow-breasted capuchin we have a large pampas with South American tapirs and capybaras. Across we find the maned wolfes, pudus and giant anteaters. Then we look at flamingos. On the right we soon see the monkey house with cotton-top tamarins, squirrel monkeys and tamandus. Inside there is a small reptile collection with among others rhinoceros iguanas. Behind the house we find the last enclosures for Komodo dragons and Chinese alligators.

DE: Dieser kleine Zoo zeigt sehr selten gezeigte Tiere wie den Riesenotter, den Chinesische Alligator, den Nebelpanther und Visayas-Pustelschwein

DK: Denn lille have viser især sjældne arter som kæmpeodderen, kinesiske alligatorer, træleoparder og Visayavortesvin
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