Abenteuerland Walter Zoo



City: Gossau
Country: Switzerland
Province: St Gallen
Opend 1961


Species 100


This is the biggest private zoo of the country with some great enclosures as well as some bad. You meet regular animals like the chimpanzee, zebras and antilopes. In summertime there is a show in a circustent

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The Zoo was founded in 1961 by Walter Pischl (Animal-Walter) and his wife Edith and has changed ever since. 

Last visited 2011


Neuchlen 200
CH-9200 Gossau SG 


Phone number 071 387 50 50
Fax number 071 387 50 50
E-mail info@walterzoo.ch



Opened minimum 9 am - 5:30 pm


Entrance fee

  • Adult 21,- CHF
  • Child 11,- CHF

Anual Card (Valid 12 month)

  • Adult 127,- CHF
  • Child 52,- CHF
  • 2 Persons 164,- CHF 
  • Family* 198,- CHF
  • Single parent* 154,- CHF


* Single parent and Familly-cards are valid for 1 ore 2 parents/grandparents and the famillys kids



For kids there is a petting area and several playgrounds

Map 2011 Map 2015

After we have payed the entrance fee we have the som parotavivarys in front of us as well as som Macaws and next to them the Amur Leopard. A highly endangered species with less than 40 animals in the wild. If we almost go back to the entrance and turn right we meet the sweet samiris, prairie dogs and guinea pigs. On the right hand we then have the Amur Tiger, the worlds biggest cat. Passing the playgrounds we we then se an aviary for Lar gibbons that live in the reptilehouse, wich also is a home for Hyacinth Macaws and the Mona Monkey - a species rarely seen at zoos today. Heading left there is an outdoor exhibit for American Alligators and another for the Yellow Mongoose. Then we enter another tropical house, where you finde freefliying birds and Goeldis Monkey, just to mention some. Passing a resturant and another playground we now look at the Chimpanzee. Theire neighbours are some parots, as well as raccoons and the Striped Skunk. Kids will now love to pet the pygmy goats and maybe even try to ride an Bactrian Camel. Now we have reached the area for Vicugna and on the other side the home for Yaks and Bactrian Camels. In this area theire also are some enclosures for turtles. Then we have an area for flamingos and another for kangaroos. The Zoo has the Swamp Wallaby, a species that is rarely seen in Europe. In this area you also find the department souts, schools and other kids can stay a night at the Zoo. The next enclosures are for Llamas, Donkeys and Shetland Ponys. Here you also will finde the home for the Lions. In theire sight we finde the Savannah with Böhms Zebra and Ostriches. Befor heading for the exit we now are passing the circustent with a new show each year.


DE: Dies ist der grösste private Zoo der Schweiz und zeigt neben verschiedenen Tierarten jedes Jahr eine Zirkus/Theater-vorstellung. Der Zoo hat mehrere kleinere Tropenhäuser und eine schöne aussenanlage für Alligators

DK: Dette er Schweizes største private zoo og viser ved siden af dyr hver sommer en spændende teater/cirkusforestilling. Haven har flere små tropehuse og et godt udendørs anlæg for alligatorer

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