Faruk Yalcin Zoo


City: Darica
Country: Turkey
Province: Marmara

Opend 1993



Species 160


It shows mostly birds but also Hartmans zebra, gray's guenon and other animals

Vis stort kort
Last visited 2018


Emtas Bogazici Zoo
Tuzla Cad N15
41870 Bayramoglu


Phone number 0-262653 66 66


Opened minimum 9am - 4.30 pm

Entrance fee

  • Adult 435,- TRY
  • Child 3-17 years 225,- TRY


For kids there is a petting area and several playgrounds

Map 2011 Map 2019
After paying the entrance fee we have a a row of aviaries around a cafe building. Following to the right we meet the South American house with a lot of monkeys - especially marmosets. Entering the house we also look at the sloth and the armadillo. In front of the house are coaties, behind them lemures and a pampas with reas and south american tapirs. Turning right we have large aviaries home to birds of prey and and heremit ibis. Then we see a large Savannah and follow it, here we meet giraffes and ungulates. Across we find the lesser panda and some aviaries, home to crowned cranes among others. Behinde the lesser pandas is a small path where we se some carnivores like striped hyenas, lynx and flamingos. Passing a water lillies pond we have come to the monkey and ape section with different baboon species, chimpanzees and gibbons. Next we se a large enclosre for Indian rhinos. Arround is an aquarium building and an terrarium. Following the path that goes to the right to the Amur Tigers we first see kangaroos. Behind them is a zonewith farm animals like donies, ponies and sheep. More exotic are the llamas and giant tortoises. Back on the main road we see penguins and follow the path up the hill to see otters and  porcupines. Going back down the hill to the play ground we see brown bears and leopards, Behind the playground are pygmy hippo. Take the small path to the right to look at phesants before you walk uphill to watch other birds. Following the paths here you meet big cats like the jaguar and the lion. In the last area you especially meet parrots as macaws.

DE: Dieser Zoo ist der Artenreichste der Türkei und zeigt Tier wie das Panzernashorn, Giraffen und Schimpansen. Es hat ein Aquarium und ein Terrarium

DK: Denne have er Tyrkiets mest artsrige og viser dyr som pansernæsehorn, giraffer og chimpanser. Den har et akvarium og et terrarium
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