Zagreb Zooloski vrt grada (Zoological gardens)

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City: Zagreb
Country: Croatia
County: Zagreb

Opend 27.06.1925


Species 273


Zagreb Zoo  is one of three zoo parks in Croatia.It has 275 animal species represented by 2,225 animals and located within the Maksimir Park.The zoo opened its doors on June 27, 1925. Reconstruction of the old zoo begun in 1990.Zagreb Zoo is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and is a participant in the European Endangered Species Programme.

You meet these animals: snow leopard, red panda, Okapi, Addax, Scimitar Oryx, North China leopard, Common Chimpanzee, Diana Monkey, Wisent, Pygmy Hippopotamus and the Bactrian Camel

Service given


Open : minimum 9 am - 4 pm

Entrace fee: Yes

For kids: Playgrounds and pettingarea

Food: The Zoo has a places where you can get a snack


Taking photos: Is allowed, if publiciesed, please mention the zoo on your homepage 





Phone number (01) 2302 198
Fax number (01) 2302 199
Address: Zagreb Zoo, Maksimirski perivoj bb, Zagreb, Croatia







Where to finde the Park:

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I don't have any guides of this zoo. Does any body know if they made some guides? And where I can get any guides of this zoo?

In the years 1950, 1975 and 2000 they had theire anniversarrys. Have they made any books on this occassion?
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