City: Tampere
Country: Finland
Region: Pirkanmaa 

Opend 1969


Species 231


In the Aquarium, you can choose your own favourite from over 200 species of fish and aquatic animals that come from seas and lakes all around the world. In addition, you can make acquaintance with the finned creatures of Finnish waters. What does a motoro stingray look like? What do piranhas eat? Information plaques of the Aquarium provide useful information on each species and on the habitat of aquatic animals. The selection of species in the Aquarium changes every year. Aquarium sceneries are also renewed annually, but the main thing with these changes is that the inhabitants of the Aquarium can swim in environments that resemble their natural habitat as much as possible.


Last visit 2015

Tampeeren Särkänniemi
33230 Tampere


Phone nr 0207 130 200

Open minimum weekends 12pm-5pm (the aquarium is open all year, so is the dolphinarium. Doghill and the rest only in summer and public hollydays)

General entrace fee free

Aquarium (Winter price)
  • Adult 13,90 €
  • Child 13,90€
Doghill (open May-September)
  • Adult 16,90 €
  • Child 16,90 €

Adventure pass (Entrance for all rides (including the aquarium and doghill)) - buy online and get it cheaper
  • Särkänniemi pass over 120cm (3"11) 51 Euro
Season Card (Valid May-September and christmas market, valid for all rides (including the aquarium and doghill))
  • Adult 159 €
  • Child 159€

The doghill is a petting zoo that children will love, it's only open May-September


This multi-purpose park is owned by the city of Tampere and boasts a variety of rides as well as an Aquarium that was opened in 1969, a Planetarium that opened in 1969, a children´s zoo that opened in 1970, a 168m tall Observation Tower that opened in 1971, Sara Hilden Art Museum opened in 1979, the Dolphinarium opened in 1985. The amusement part aspect of Särkänniemi started in 1973 with the opening of Neulan Huvipuisto (Neulan´s Amusement); in the beginning the park offered only a handful of children´s rides. In 1975 the city of Tampere took over the operations of the fun park and integrated it into other attractions on the peninsula. 
Map 2015 Map 2018
After klimbing the stairs after the ticket office and entering the gates we are on a large square. On the left is a road going to the to dolphinarium. The road goes on to doghill, a place especially for small children.  Here we have a small village and and a small farm. On our way through the area we especially meet domesticated finnish animals like cows, donkeys and poltry, with few exotic expectations likethe alpacas. You also meet puppies in this area, a highlight for kids. Heading back to the main square we enter the towerbuilding. In the basement we see 10 aquariums on the ground floor and 16 in the basement. This aepecially shows tropical fresh water fish like piranhas and cichlides. A few reef fisk also are to be found like puffers, lion fish and the ever popular clown fish. On your way you also meet ball pythons and axolotl to mention a few.  Out side of the aquarium you can decide to go up the tower having a marvelous view of Tampere and its surroundings (the line is often for the ticket both, so try to go to the elevators instead). Children and those with a childish mind of course also will love the rides.

DE: Der zweit grösste Vergnügungspark von Finnland geht von dem Aquarium herraus dass sich immer noch unter dem Aussichtsturm befindet. Seit dem sind ein Delfinarium und ein Haustierzoo dazu gekommen

DK: Finnlands anden største forlystelsespark startede med et akvarie, som stadigvæk kan ses under udsigtstårnest. Siden er et delfinarie og en husdyrzoo kommet til
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