City: Heraklion

Country: Greece

Province: Crete


Opened: December 2005
Species: 200

Experience the Mediterranean marine world, on a journey of discovery beginning here. Hundreds of species and thousands of organisms will come face to face, fascinating you with their behaviour and revealing the wide variety of shapes, colours, habits and needs of their own world. Learn about them and reflect on what our common future may be.

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Last visited 2020

Cretaquarium Thalassocosmos - Aquarium
Former American Base at Gournes
PO Box 2214
71003 Heraklion



Phone number 2810 337788

Fax number 2810 337882




November-March 9.30 am-4pm
April-Oktober 9.30 am-7pm



  • Adult 10,- Euro
  • Child 6,- Euro


Annual membership
  • Adult 20,- Euro
  • Additional family member 10,- Euro


There are several daily feeding as well as a touchpool 


The Cretaquarium project was conceived by employees of the former Institute of Marine Biology of Crete (IMBC) to create the first large aquarium in Greece, as part of a marine park for research, education, culture and recreation. Its construction was co-financed by the European Investment Bank and the Greek state. Cretaquarium first opened on the site of the former USAF Iraklion Air Station near the town of Gournes in December 2005 and underwent a major expansion during the winter of 2008–9, when 25 new tanks were installed. The aquarium is currently operated by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, a public research institution. Its exhibits focus on the marine fauna of the Mediterranean region in more than 60 tanks. 

Map 2010
After paying the entrance fee we meet several tropical fish. Then we reach the sharks and follow the main path seeing sea turtles on our way. Diving beneath the surface we pass a ship wreck. Then we see severall small aquariums home to mediterranean fish like the brown meagre.

DE: Dieses Aqurium zeigt Lebewesen aus dem Mittelmeer. Aber auch Haie und Meeresschildkröten

DK: Dette akvarie viser fisk fra middelhavet. Men ohså hajer og havskildpadder
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