El Salvador

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El Salvador (literally meaning "Republic of The Savior") is the smallest, and also the most densely populated country in Central America. It borders the Pacific Ocean between Guatemala and Honduras. It lies on the Gulf of Fonseca, as do Honduras and Nicaragua further south.


It has a population of approximately 6,420,746 people, as of 2018. The capital city of San Salvador is the largest city of the Republic. The colón was the currency of El Salvador between 1892 and 2001, when El Salvador adopted the U.S.Dollar. The Colón continues to be legal tender.

Capital and biggest city is San Salvador


The President of El Salvador is it's Head of State and the Head of Government, he is elected for every 5th year.


The Country has one zoo mentioned on these pages in the city of San Salvador


Most western Countrys do not need a Visa


International callingcode is +503


The countrys curency is the U.S.Dollar

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